Westridge Primary School

Westridge Educational Philosophy


Westridge Primary School promises to offer education of the highest quality by being dedicated to:

  • The provision of a balanced, holistic and culturally diverse curriculum.
  • An Academic approach which teaches our pupils to think, assimilate and apply knowledge, rather than learn by role.
  • Continually review and renew policies to ensure that the education provided remains relevant, challenging and appropriate to the needs of our pupils.
  • Exposing our children to a wide spectrum of cultural experiences, which will enrich and expand their horizons, and develop in each pupil an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of social, cultural and political thought in our “global village”.
  • Create a school “ethos”which fosters mutual respect and a regard for the uniqueness of and tolerance for the dignity of each child.
  • Developing a school environment which is caring and which will enable our pupils to blossom and achieve their full potential.
  • Developing our pupil’s discipline in all subject areas, through the mastery of the learning skills, critical judgement and communication.
  • Providing a curriculum which enhances moral valuesand the skills and attitudes needed to live an active, healthy and productive life style.
  • Promoting an Aesthetic appreciation by fostering creativity through the Arts and Music.
  • The provision of suitably qualified and experienced teachers who will inspire, enthuse and challenge our pupils to their fullest by employing a wide range of teaching and assessment methodology, suited to our pupil’s different learning styles and levels of development.
  • Creating equal opportunities, racial harmony and social justice in a safe, caring and stimulating environment that encourages and enables all our pupils to develop academically, socially and spiritually.
  • Offering a wide variety of sport and extra-curricular pursuits, to develop our pupils understanding of excellence, teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • Promoting and developing a close liaison with our parent body, so as to foster a friendly and effective partnership between home and school.