Funeral Assistance for Bereaved Families

  1. For Assistance on any matters please contact:
    Mr Jayeshbhai S Desai on +263 772 401 273
    Mr Ashokbhai Desai on +263 772 346 136 or +263 (0) 4 740654
    Mr Anilbhai Daya on +263 772 246 259
    Or call our Admin Offices on 04 778405/6.

  2. The following documents will be required for obtaining the necessary cremation permit:
    a. ID or passport of the deceased.
    b. Death certificate with CR 3 form.

  3. To circulate memos to the community contact Mrs Nutan Naik on + 263 772 236543 or + 263 4 740843

  4. The following items are to be collected from the Administrator at Society premises on Anson Road:
    a. Wood for the pyre. This is to be collected and delivered to the Pioneer Cemetery well before the funeral.
    b. A package of ritual items containing 1 pair white bed sheets, abeel, gulaal, chandan. Rice, black tal. Camphor, agarbatti, box of matches, white sutar (thread), small clay matli and clay kodiya (diva). 
    c. Bucket for water at Pioneer cemetery. The bucket is to be returned to the Society after use.
    d. Prayer leaflets for use at the Pioneer cemetery. These are to be returned to the Society.
    e. Iron rods for the pyre cart. These should be collected together with the wood and delivered to Pioneer cemetery. These rods should be returned to the Society after use. 

  5. The family should arrange the following for the funeral:
    a. Fresh flowers
    b. 6 x Coconuts
    c. 5 litres Ghee