History of the Hindoo Society

Early records  indicate  that the activities of the Hindoo Community of Harare commenced with an informal committee formed to  obtain some land and construct a crematorium, in about 1916 AD.   A proper crematorium was  later built  on a site  allocated by the municipality, which was completed in 1942.

In 1923/24   The  idea of forming a Hindoo Society was muted, resulting information of  a   proper body and by 1928 Gujarati  School was inaugurated, and in 1929 the Hindoo Temple was  completed at Cameron street. Foundations for the school were marked by Shrinivas Sashstri who was India’s representative for  Southern Africa, and for the Temple by Shri Laljee Dayalji Vashee.

The Community made a very courageous decision to have an Omkar as the centrepiece. This decision  was to have  a great influence in maintaining the unity of the community.

A  small room was acquired   to start a library in 1934/35. Later this was developed  into  a proper Library   and  named  Bharat Library.

The Liberty Hall was built in 1957, to provide for the facilities the community Needed .  Later as the facilities were developed in Ridgeview  the Hall was rented out..

The  Municipality , in an endevour to provide more suitable residential facility encouraged the community to move to and develop the Ridgeview area. A large plot was sold to the Community  for developing a cultural centre.    

Gujarati School, Hall,   and later Dining Room, Nursery and  then  the Ridgeview Omkar Temple were built.   Later developments,  saw the beginnings of Westridge Primary School( 1992), and High School (1998), with sports grounds, swimming pools, tennis courts etc.

The Society continues to develop the Cultural Centre  as funds permit, and  as needs  are identified.

M.P. Patel

President – Hindoo Society

For Profiles of Founding Members, please feel free to download "The South African Indian Who's Who" Directory